While the world’s industries spew out ever more toxic garbage, is there hope for humankind and our fragile planet? The only hope is if we can unite within our communities and stay strong in the face of rampant capitalism and consumerism. Corporate America and the rest of the global giants only care about profits for their shareholders and themselves. Governments are in thrall to these powerful economic influences and march to their beat, rather than listening to the silent majority. And that may just be the problem; we do not make enough noise.

Can social media formats like Facebook and Twitter become forces for positive social change? Instead of merely being more tools in the corporate arsenal for marketing stuff that we do not really need. Packaging is the single biggest problem in waste management in the twenty first century. Everything we buy comes wrapped up in toxic plastics and waste paper. Christmas time will be screaming with gifts covered in layers of packaging and this will go out into landfill, clogging up the veins of our cities with rubbish and pollution.

Eco-Dreaming: Will the tribes unite to save us with recycling? Ask yourself who is in your tribe? Is it the people in your street or the Eastern Suburbs cleaners in your neighbourhood? Can you gather together with these fellow human beings and do the right thing and recycle? You could start a Facebook Recycling in Your Suburb or District page. Put up a few posters in public places to let your community know. Connect with the local waste management and recycling companies in your area to consult about best practices. Make enquiries toward government agencies in this field and post this information up on the page. Organise a public meeting to create some momentum.

We are all people living on this planet together and when the shit hits the fan we will all go down together. How about doing something right now to avoid that fate? It will empower you and all those who join you in this quest for survival. Recycling is the single biggest environmental solution we have at our disposal. We can all do more to recycle more, educate others and make it easier for them to recycle too. Make a noise; do not go quietly into that gentle night. Fight back and make the earth a better place for our children and their children. Recycling can ease the burden on mother earth.


Jessica Dream Girl