A lot of folks ask Richard, what are the three most important tenets for a successful life? Never an easy thing to do, whittling down all the key ingredients that go into a successful life to just three. However, I would lead with self-image, all successful people have a clear idea of who they are and what they are presenting to the greater world. You cannot make it in this life in the 21C, if you don’t know what your identity is and how that speaks to the people around you. Ask yourself, right now, who am I? Who are you leading with in your presentation of your self-image? Self-image: Smiles on success.

We Are Made up of Many Characteristics

Obviously, we are all made up of many characteristics. You may be diligent and hard working. You may be gregarious around people. You might have a passion for high end fashion. At the same time, you may have a strong sense of social responsibility, when it comes to those less fortunate. Plus, you might be curious about particular sexual peccadillos. This combination of personality traits and characteristics is not that unusual, it is found in quite a few successful people I know. The point is, that we cannot present all these aspects of our selves via our self-image, it would be too crowded.

We Judge People on First Impressions

The old adage of judging a book by its cover is more accurate than you might think. We judge people initially on first impressions. On their smile. On their dress. On their hair style. Shoes. Many of us will only see successful people on TV, so we are left with their visage to evaluate them by. Smiles and teeth have become, even, more important in the 21C. Check out these examples of great dental hygiene and cosmetic health.

A Well-Presented Self-Image Wins

A well-presented self-image will go along way to helping you get that foot in the door. Following that is a keen mind concerned with community and loved ones. Think about some of the important things in life, beyond your obsession with yourself. We live in an age of self-diarising via social media channels and the digital realm. It is easy to mistake the banal for something more than it is. Your self-image may be streamlined to maximise optimal impact upon the outer world but that doesn’t mean that your inner world no longer exists. Self-image: Smiles on success.

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