Three elements are, usually, necessary for transformation and lifestyle changes. They are vision, planning and creativity. People, often, hope that their lives will spontaneously alter by themselves, but this rarely happens, in my experience. They say that the definition of madness is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result. If you want to achieve something special, want to reach for the stars or for something outside of the ordinary, then, you better start envisioning it. You better make plans and get creative, before the fire goes out inside you. Inspiration, motivation, and discontentment do not hang around forever, you know.

The Biggest Danger is Your Comfort Zone

The biggest danger to transformation and growth is your comfort zone. Here’s hoping that you do not have a size 14 or XXL comfort zone. Staying safely inside the known territory is not conducive to going beyond and discovering your greatest moments. To bravely go where no man or woman has gone before. To reach the outer edges of the known galaxy. To dive deep beneath the surface of things. To face your fears, because what you fear, often, points you in the right direction. Whether it be in love, in work, in sport, in adventure, or some other realm, you must overcome your fears and the comfort of the known universe.

We Experience the Newbie Dilemma

Lifestyle improvements may come via work and career opportunities. Many of us know the initial discomfort and uneasiness one feels when beginning a new vocational pathway. We do not know, immediately, what the right things to do are. We experience the newbie dilemma. Eventually, however, acceptance comes, and we forge a new identity based on our experiences via this pathway.  Transforming possibilities are always close at hand, even, if we do not recognise them straight off.

It Takes Courage to Imagine Your New Life

Remember to invoke vision, planning and creativity, as these are your strongest suits when it comes to making real changes within your life.  Going along with the crowd and maintaining the status quo will not shift your feet from the same old road. It takes great courage to imagine the life you may desire. It takes even more fortitude to begin planning for that new lifestyle. Finally, it takes some magic to bring forth the necessary creativity to make it happen in this dimension. Do not be dispirited, however, if you encounter resistance and delays on the journey, as they will only make the outcome more worthwhile.




Jessica Dream Girl