Gay and Transexual: All the Colours of the Rainbow

All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small; and yes, the Lord God made them all. Gay and transexual: all the colours of the rainbow and loving it. There is someone for everyone and whether you are gay, straight or something in-between the sex is out there. Gay people sometimes provide the busy or socially inept homosexual with some instant action and companionship. Nobody has to be lonely all the time: there is relief out there in the form of sex workers. Good escorts are just doing what they are good at and earning a living.

Transexual escorts do brighten up a dull landscape with their exotic looks and multiple capabilities. A well hung woman is a wonder in the bedroom for some and those juxtaposed features just fascinate others. Passion comes in all shapes and sizes, and the commercial sex world is full of anomalies, including a fascination with developing great transgender bodies through regular exercise using a personal trainer. She talks like a woman and walks like a man. Or is it walks like a woman and talks like a man? Either way, entertainment is there to be had for the curious and the keen.

There is a general rule in life, and that is, the more times you do something the better you get at it. Sex is no different and escorts are at it all the time; it is their job, their modus operandi. They become skilful bed partners and stimulating temporary intimate companions. One must be good at what one does if you are to make your way in the world. Escorts become popular through word of mouth and mouths definitely come into it; or do I have that around the wrong way? Escorts take you somewhere and show you the most effective means of getting there. In Sydney escorts are at the top of their game; where the competition is fierce.

Bumping and grinding for money takes a lot of the uncertainty out of sexual relationships. All parties are clear about their roles and get about them without a lot of emotional blackmail; as one finds, often, in more conventional intimate human relationships. The rainbow is the symbol for the gay realm where butterflies of brilliant colour and crazy patterns flutter past each other in search of gratification. The love that previously dare not speak its name is now on everyone’s lips and the fashions are simply divine. From parades to parlours and hotel/motel rooms to swank apartments the escort of your dreams is only a phone call away.