Emergencies Call For Fast Creative Thinking

If you have not understood the warnings about global warming and the climate crisis, we are in an emergency situation according to the science. Our leaders, past and present, like Tony Abbott and Donald Trump, wilfully ignored the clarion calls for action on this front. Emergencies call for fast creative thinking and where has that been for the last two decades? I hope that they put up statues of shame to these human beings who have led us astray for their own political self-aggrandisement. Images set in coal for us to pillory.  The smug, sneering faces of these very selfish politicians deserve all the merde that can be heaped upon them.  

A Nation Starved of Action on the Climate Front

In our own homes, when we face a crisis, we know that an emergency electrician is usually prepared for anything. He or she will act fast to rescue and remedy a dire situation. Emergencies call for fast creative thinking and only then will a solution be found. It is not a lack of power but of political will that has seen this nation starved of action on the climate front. Self-satisfied politicians more concerned with their own re-election than in taking affirmative action to save the planet. Small people with small hearts following rather than leading a nation.

No Vaccine for Global Warming

I think about health workers on the front line during the global pandemic and ruminate on their courage in contrast to these self-serving MPs. Australia and the United States lack real leadership on the big issues facing humanity in the 21C. People have been focused on their own back pockets for too long at the expense of any sense of community and social responsibility. Half a million people have died from coronavirus in America. The UK is a mess just like Boris Johnson’s hair. Western democracies have failed to show leadership during this global crisis.

Global warming is not going away. There is no vaccine to inoculate the planet. We face a rapidly growing emergency never before seen in the lifetimes of our parents and grandparents. Lazy thinking and actions will not merely affect us but also our children and their children. Making money is not the main arbiter of the game of life anymore if it ever truly was. There are far more important considerations to immediately factor into every decision that we make. Climate change isn’t coming it is already here!