It is a must that you always try something new in sex. This being said, a lot of people are having trouble of thinking of creative ways on how they can reach sexual satisfaction. But by  reading the right material, anyone can release their wild side in bed. For instance, try observing the character of escorts. With this, one can find out how they can channel their sexual aura and let it off at the right time. In doing so, you can participate in Sydney tours of brothels. Who knows, you might bring home a lady for an experimental tryst. Or if you prefer to keep it intellectual you may wish to explore topics as gleaned from a Sydney sex survey.

The Creative Side of Sex

If you are going to look at it, sex is more than sex. It is a process where two bodies, or in some cases more than two, move in unison to arrive at the point of ecstasy. But it won’t hurt if you spice up your sex life by getting kinky and wild. Here are some ideas on how you can do this:

Wear something kinky.

Go wear something kinky that will totally surprise your partner. It can either be a costume for your role play, or a very sexy lingerie. Be proud of your body, regardless of your shape and size. Know that you are beautiful and remind yourself that your partner appreciates you no matter what you are. Let your outfit works its magic. Be sure to prepare yourself for one kinky sex!

  • Give a private peep show.

Everyone gets sexually excited from sexy visuals. Tease your partner with a private peep show. Move around your place in your underwear, or better yet wear nothing when doing simple chores. You can also build the sexual tension by doing small, sensual moves.

  • Try new positions.

You have to regularly change things up to avoid monotonous, dull sex. Try new sexual positions or level up your favourite sex positions. For instance, do some improvisations with the usual doggy style, missionary and reverse cowgirl positions.

  • Do sex games.

There are literally thousands of sex games that you can do, which are all available on the Internet. For example, do the Blind Man game. In here, lead your partner into the bed with his eyes blindfolded. Ravish him slowly and teasingly while doing the things that arouse him.

  • Try new places.

Even if having sex in bed is pretty convenient and gives comfort, try doing it outside your bedroom. For instance, make love in your yard or in other rooms and spaces in the house.  If you want to take things to a whole different level, you can always do public sex. The thrill of getting caught makes the sex more fulfilling.

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