I have just seen some amazing creative wood designed furniture for kids. These pieces are so incredible they are awesome. Whimsical chests of drawers that are split down the middle or have a star burst hole carved through the middle of them. Drawers that are tired of standing up and so are sitting down instead with legs akimbo. Kids can really relate to the expressive shapes and kooky poses that these finely crafted pieces of furniture are embodying. They definitely speak to the soul, as they are anthropomorphising furniture into friends.

Shaker furniture beautifully captured soulful energy in their simple but extremely well crafted designs. Pieces spoke of silence and contemplation in the presence of an almighty. Communal tables communicated their role in carrying the shared meals of believers. Benches and chairs, sewing tables and cupboards, all sang of simplicity and modesty. Clean lines and natural wood grain employed in well made items of utilitarian furniture.

Zen furniture design suggests space and symmetry. Things built low down to the ground and offering clean lines. Natural elements like wood and fabrics employed in simple but exquisitely beautiful pieces of furniture. Uncluttered and present in form and function these are the spiritual qualities of Zen design. Traditional Japanese forms speak of meditation and purity of purpose.

Habitat furniture can define your living space by its aesthetic nature; it can bring out positive qualities from within you. Wooden furniture has a vibrational signature attuned to its source as a previously living tree. Humans and trees have been living together for tens of thousands of years; we are interlinked at a very deep level. Furniture designed in accord with ancient cultural traditions speaks to our soul in ways that mass produced stuff cannot. We are awakened to a peace and tranquillity that is missing from our modern technologically advanced world.

Some furniture stores in Sydney, I noticed during my last visit to that wonderful city, are Meccas of soulful design. When you walk into their showrooms you are transported to another time and place. The tinkling of bells and the sound of a Shakuhachi flute whisper messages of calm to my consciousness. I sink down onto a futon and exhale, feeling my being, my isness in this very moment. Life is a communion with nature and the kind of furniture we fill our homes with affect us on so many different levels.

Jessica Dream Girl